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b5 solutions offers comprehensive knowledge in 3 main areas: performance management, process management, and change management. To become or remain best in class, companies need to know what main output measures need to be improved upon and which process and input criteria influence a business’ main drivers. Change is not a ‘’big bang,’’ it’s many small moments.

Analyzing and redesigning processes which help move the output needle progressively forward is a major activity and focus within our approach. New processes and activities require different behaviors, different ways of how looking at things, and different ways of doing them. Equally important as having your employees’ the buy in, if your employees are actively integrated and part of a redesign, change will not only last and be more effective, it will be welcomed.

Let’s work together and develop the best approach that meets your company’s individual needs, we want to support you and contribute to your continued success.


We offer a complete, holistic system for making people and organizations more successful

Identifying Value Creation —
Performance Management

One of the prime challenges facing today’s businesses is delivering performance management where processes are not strategically aligned. Frequently, this leads to performance reporting that lacks comprehensiveness and relevance. Too many businesses are failing to measure the most valuable metrics. We work with you to uncover the true value drivers of your corporate strategy. And we establish the relationships between these drivers, interlinking them to align decision makers at different levels of your organization. This enables us to define the correct, audience-specific activities that will drive value creation. Finally, we put in place steering and monitoring indicators, integrating value-creating processes into your day-to- day business operations. At every step you hold the insights into what you are doing, how you are doing, and why you are doing it. You are, effectively, managing your own success.

Driving Continuous Improvement —
Process Management

In a climate of continuous change, organizations need to ensure that their business processes are not just executed optimally, but that they can adapt quickly to seize opportunities or meet unique requirements. We champion a systematic approach to value creation. Using methodologies tailored to your needs, we establish holistic internal process management to deliver ongoing improvement. We also use iteration with short improvement cycles to enable continuous assessment and implementation of process improvements on a small-to-wider scale. Each cycle equips you and your teams to sustain continuous improvement of business processes and capabilities — with or without us.

Aligning Operational Strategy and
Culture — Change Management

Personal improvement is only part of the story. The persistent challenge for most organizations is how to create and maintain a culture that sustains optimal performance. A safe, positive work environment is key, but can be difficult to deliver in practice. We set up a culture of collaboration and customization that enables the whole network to feed into improvement activities, without fear of negative repercussions or feeling overlooked. The outcome: a culture in which management and staff work as one unit and an environment where change is valued by all.


We connect and work together to craft partnerships and a gratifying experience. Our approach offers an ongoing one-to-one collaborative process developed to educate and provide people with not only the tools needed to extend success but also the ability to capitalize on it. The result is a working culture of continued improvement and progressive change that benefits not only the company-at-large but also the minds and behaviors of those within it. With a 92 percent satisfaction rate and a 16,000 FTE directly and indirectly influenced, b5 solutions is here to help you put progress and your people first. We create a culture of continued improvement, where change is seen as beneficial to everyone.

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