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Our Principles And Values


What we stand for

b5 solutions is a service provider for MNEs enabling our partners to continuously improve their business practices.

We develop and implement tailored-to-demand business systems. The performance, process, and change management frameworks drive business transformation, create a culture of continuous improvement and boost financial figures.

By employing a variety of well-known and well proven methodologies, like Lean Six Sigma, TQM, ADKAR, and Hoshin Kanri, we build business systems based on the needs of our partners. During implementation, we transfer our knowledge to ensure self-sustainability and long-term success.

Through our expertise in culture and change, we build holistically run business systems designed to help partners with locations throughout the globe overcome barriers, create a common language, and heighten understanding of one another.

Based in Berlin, Germany b5 solutions currently serves 16 countries internationally. Our team of highly dedicated and international professionals strives to enable our partners to become and stay best-in-class.



We connect and work together to craft partnerships and a gratifying experience.


We build tailor made business systems with customized tools that reinforce and enhance success.


We bring the world-leading skill, talent, and ingenuity to guide you through the change, process, and performance needed to become best in class.


We are committed to optimizing your operations so that your organization can achieve and maintain industry leadership.


We are successful when you are successful; nothing is more satisfying than reaching and surpassing your target.

Q & A

An interview with Hannes Oeser, Managing Director and Anke Hawighorst, Executive Director

Why do people come to you?
HO: Some clients want to get transparency within their companies, and are uncertain how or where to start. Some need help to make sense of the data they are looking at. Others seek the benefit of a new perspective based on best practice at other companies — and different industries even. Many organizations have questions about how to tackle process improvements — and how to evaluate what they’re already doing. That’s where we come in.

What's the most important thing when you start working with new clients?
AH: Having worked with a lot of different clients, we know that most organizations want to create the perfect process that will solve all their problems. But this desire rarely takes into consideration that some constraints — i.e. the reasons why a process is as it is currently — have been neglected at a basic level.
HO: That is true. We try to encourage our clients: instead of taking a “Big Bang” approach and never reaping the benefits, change only what you can change right now, then follow-up with another improvement cycle quickly.

Is your work always about building new business systems?
AH: Usually we start by looking at a certain aspect of the business. If companies want to improve their processes, we start by looking at process management, for example. To improve a company’s comprehension and ability to look at processes in a comprehensive way, we may start with a single initiative, like a proof of concept.
HO: It’s always part of our work to show clients how to look at processes in general. After clients learn about and have the experience on a smaller scale, they want to repeat it on a larger scale. The work then becomes about process management, but really it also needs to be about change management to align the new processes with people. It is essential to measure our processes’ effectiveness, which is accomplished through performance management. The whole system consists of a natural progression and a learning curve for our clients that most of the time leads to a business system, but the starting point differs.

What kind of projects are you currently working on?
AH: We are focused on the financial industry and service industry, and especially on multinational enterprises. With regulatory changes and new requirements for financial institutions, technological disruptions, customer needs and behavior, in addition to the progression of RPA and BI, companies need to consider these drivers in order to be efficient and effective, and sometimes simply to survive. We are helping them to centralize certain aspects to leverage scale and grow together.

What is special about working with multinational enterprises?
AH: Companies that are spanning from northern European countries to the Mediterranean encompass a lot of different cultures and ways of working. To implement a holistically run business system, it is necessary to incorporate those different cultural aspects in it as well as global aspects, like a common language.
HO: I’d also add that in order to build efficient processes it is important to have the different regulatory set-ups for each country in mind. We have a lot of know-how in this field.

How does what you do impact your clients' results?
HO: We are improving the lead times in their processes, we are giving them transparency over their operations and we are linking everything we do to financial performance.
AH: I would say we are creating a culture of continued improvement where change is not considered bad for the company or for the individuals in the company, but where it is seen as beneficial to everyone.

What are the main challenges you are facing in your work?
AH: Developing something new means change, and that always leads to a certain level of resistance. The task is to get everyone on board, helping everyone understand why a business system, process improvements, or a cultural change is necessary and good. Getting everyone to realize initially that, in the end, they will have the tools to be better at what they do.
HO: Having the backing of the executive management team makes this transition and realization naturally easier.

What has b5 got to celebrate?
HO: We have managed to develop clients across the entire European continent. Our clients stretch from the Nordic countries to Spain and Italy, all the way from the UK to Greece. And all of them turned into long-term partnerships, where we have become their trusted partner. That is what I am very proud of.

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